IAM Course

Course Overview

If you ride a motorcycle you already appreciate the sense of freedom it gives you, the mental discipline it takes, the buddies you make, and the thrill of being on one of the coolest machines on the planet. But if you love riding, you also know its risks. It’s one reason why IAM RoadSmart developed Advanced Rider, an on-road course delivered by trained volunteers that gives you greater confidence and a feeling of safety when you ride on Britain’s roads.

Whether you’re a born-again biker returning to riding on a larger, more powerful machine or love riding and want to be the best rider you can be, this course is for you. There’s a good chance you’ll save on insurance too.

It will take between two and six months to complete the Advanced Rider Course, which is taken on your own bike. The course provided by Wirral Advanced Motorcyclists is run over six weeks and covers all aspects of advanced riding. The course is based around the core competencies set out by IAM RoadSmart and although it will be tailored to suit your specific needs the six-week programme comprises:

  • Week 1: Introductory classroom session and assessment ride
  • Week 2: Bends and Cornering
  • Week 3: Roundabouts and Junctions
  • Week 4: Overtaking
  • Week 5: Motorways and Dual Carriageways
  • Week 6: Mock Test

Throughout the course we will cover core riding skills, bike handling skills and slow riding.

We will meet at the Cheshire Lines Building, Birkenhead at 08:45 sharp, and each observed ride will end at around 15:00 that same day (don’t worry, there are regular stops!). Your observer will focus on specific skills and once you’ve developed them you’ll be ready to prove them in the advanced test. Let’s not deny it takes commitment to achieve, but you’ll be one of the most skilled riders on the road – less than 1% of riders hold an advanced or higher qualification.


For riders who want to be the best or if you’re getting back on two wheels after a break, this on-road course gives you confidence and makes you safer on the road.

Use your own bike with a WAM Observer, and there’ll be plenty of socialising along the way.

  • Be the best rider you can be
  • Easy to organise online or by phone
  • Observed rides by trained volunteers
  • Focus on specific skills
  • Prove yourself in the advanced test
  • Many insurers offer cheaper bike insurance for riders with an advanced qualification
  • WAM is a very active and social group and we hope you will stay involved once you have passed your test
  • Opportunities post-test to improve further and/or train to become an Observer yourself


The IAM Advanced Rider Course consists of a process of multiple observed rides that has been perfected over many years. Below is an outline of what you can expect whilst taking the IAM Advanced Riders Course with WAM.




The IAM Advanced Rider course is purchased directly from the IAM website. The course includes as many observed rides as you need, and the test itself. In total, the course costs £149.00. Don’t worry if you fail your test, as a re-test only costs £39.00 and can also be purchased from the IAM website. You will also be required to bring £10 with you to each observed ride to contribute to the volunteer observers fuel costs. If you want to get started and book your course now, use the button above, or contact us for more information.